Celebrating 15 years of passion, personality and partnership

Published on September 13th, 2019
Filed under: General News

Over the last 15 years TJM Projects has become synonymous with inventive design, quality build and local production.

Passionate about every project they undertake, as well as building unique spaces and innovative places for everyone to enjoy both now and in the future.

To coincide with their special anniversary we caught up with Director, Matthew Burrows to find out more about what the future holds for TJM, as well as the projects, people and experiences that have made them the success they are today.

How would you define TJM, and how has this vision developed and grown over the last 15 years?

Matt: You could say our small family focussed business almost defies definition. Over the last 15 years we’ve been very fortunate to continually grow as an organisation while at the same time developing what we do.

We now employ nearly 100 staff and have a turnover approaching £20m. Yet at the same time the founding directors have maintained a very personal and ‘hands on’ approach. There aren’t many companies of our size where the directors work side by side with the team on a daily basis.

TJM has quality craftsmanship and great design at its heart. How does this ethos influence what you do and how you do it?

Matt: TJM is a ‘family’ of designers, crafts-people, project managers and quantity surveyors, who all contribute in the delivery of our projects. It is these people, their skills, knowledge and dedication that defines what we do and how we do it.

We always look to the human aspect of any project and strongly believe that interior design should be as much about the way a space makes someone feel as the way it looks.

The way we use our home, work and hospitality spaces has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. What impact has this had on your projects?

Matt: Over the years we’ve seen a profound shift in the way designers and architects view internal spaces. Gone are the days of the ‘cube farm’ and thankfully today we want to bring in as much open space, natural light and organic materials as possible.

I also believe that thanks to social media clients are becoming more and more empowered and confident in what they want to achieve from a space, which for us means that every individual project becomes as unique as they are.

Over the last 15 years clients and consumers have also become increasingly conscious of their environmental responsibilities. How are TJM working towards reducing their ecological impact?

Matt: At TJM we believe quality is sustainability, and why we developed our own in-house manufacturing team to manage every stage of production.

Every piece of bespoke furniture and joinery we produce is designed, developed and distributed from our dedicated workspace in Manchester.

By only producing to order we actively reduce our ecological impact, and all the materials we use are always responsibly sourced and certified.

So, what’s next for TJM? What exciting plans and projects are coming up?

Matt: We are currently working on our largest project to date in Manchester city centre, but I am not at liberty to say who its for just yet.

We have recently strengthened our sales, design and procurement teams to provide new levels of flexibility and service to both existing and new clients as well as redeveloped our head office to showcase our products and installation projects to visitors.