TJM always look to continually improve and add value to our clients projects through intuitive technologies, well trained and experienced staff.

Our aim is to improve the project experience for the whole team, through robust and transparent procedures.

How do we add value?

Tendering Process

TJM formulate our tenders using Access ConQuest Estimating Software this software enables our well trained and experienced estimators to produce our tenders with visibility to ensure a compliant tender can be produced and checked easily, the software also offers control which enables tenders to be easily and efficiently altered to one or all linked rates & measures this helps to ensure the accuracy of the tender. The Software also offers cloud based Tender documentation management to ensure as & when Addendums are added each tendering stakeholder has access to the latest information. The management of the tender documentation saves duplication and helps to ensure all tenders are sent out on the same basis, which makes evaluating sub-contractors tenders easier.

Project Management

TJM manage and administer our projects through PRCORE Project Management software. This industry leading software has many advantages and is accessible to the whole project team and allows participation either through the app itself or if any member prefers through their emails.

Drawing Management

Drawings are saved in one central location and can be updated with superseded drawings automatically removed and drawing registers automatically updated. Each and every member of the team from a labourer to the Employers Managing Director will have access to the drawings any time any place, as long as they have a mobile, laptop or tablet.

This ensures every member of the team is always working to the latest drawings which ensures greater transparency and collaboration.

Document Storage

All project documents can be saved in one central cloudbased document storage area. This can be from Contract documents through to a colour schedule. Security settings can be set up to ensure only certain people have access to certain folders this is easily managed with the click of a button. Smart and intuitive search engines also make finding documents effortless.

Requests for Information & Submittals

All large and complex construction projects generate hundreds of RFIs & Submittals the software allows these to be saved in one central location automatically numbered, record dates information required and it will automatically generate reminders and circulate replies. It also allows for outstanding RFIs & Submittals to easily be retrieved so nothing gets missed.


Project programmes are stored and tracked against on the software so all team members have full visibility of the projects current status identifying areas in delay and or ahead, so stakeholders are aware of any issues as they arrive, and not after the event.

Allowing the team to collaborate more efficiently and collectively resolve issues, to keep the project on programme.

One of our clients has said that since we have used PROCORE “we no longer need to start every meeting with a conversation about where the project us upto as we already know.”

Health & Safety

All H&S documents & information in one central fully accessible location. All training records, RAMS, COSHH, SSoW, Permits, Inspections, Audits, TBT, Near Misses, fully visible and easily accessible.

This transparency demonstrates we have nothing to hide and we are committed to the safety of anyone on site.

We invest heavily in the training of our site teams, we are committed to communicating H&S to anyone on site, the importance of H&S values are driven and enforced by our directors ensuring adequately resourced and funded measures are in place.

Change Request Management

Change requests can be made through the software, Change Request Quotations can then be produced, Site Instructions can then be issued through the software. Monthly Forecast Final Accounts are then submitted with the applications for payment.

This streamlines the entire process, reduces the need for filing and finding correspondence and enables the Employers team to have full visibility of where the final account is heading throughout the project.

Quality Control

TJM believe snag lists aren’t for the end of a project, they start on day one if required. Snags are easily and accurately recorded by any member of the team on the software, dates for remedial works, set reminders automatically generated, and progress tracked through the app.

This creates full visibility for the whole team. Photographic records of the construction process can also be stored on the app which will ensure as the effect of the new Building Safety Act is rolled out TJM will be ahead of the game when it comes to record keeping.